5 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Start Eating Celery In The Evening

Many people aren’t aware of the amazing benefits of celery on our health. Even though some have heard about them, most people usually consume it mixed together with other vegetables in small doses. Eating celery

This vegetable offers amazing health benefits, and we will give you 10 good reasons to start loving it:

  1. It relieves inflammation

Celery contains anti-inflammatory properties and it is very effective in treating joint inflammations and conditions such as arthritis.

  1. It reduces the high cholesterol levels

Celery has a compound known as butylphthalide which lowers the levels of bad cholesterol in our blood. You should consume 2 celery stalks per day if you want to see the results.

        3.Improves digestion

Celery is an excellent diuretic. It contains a lot of water and fiber which improve the digestion and stimulate the bowel movements.

        4.Supports eye health

A celery stalk provides 10% of daily vitamin A, which prevents vision degeneration due to aging, and protects the eyes. This vegetable is also high in polyphenol phytonutrients which keep your vision at 20/20.

         5.Helps you lose weight

A full stalk of celery includes only 10 calories and plenty of water, so its consumption will keep you full and help you lose extra pounds.


Improves Mood – You can fight depression and improve your mood by diffusing lemon essential oil in the air.

Eliminates Goo – Lemon oil can help you to eliminate the sticky goo your kids leave behind with stickers and gum

Immune Support – Lemon oil has the ability to support lymphatic drainage and treat your cold. Just mix it with coconut oil and rub the mixture on your neck.


Source: http://healthdevotee.com/cut-lemons-keep-bedroom/


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